5 Affiliate Marketing Trends to Watch Out For

Off-beat affiliate product categories

Are you looking for new affiliate programs to promote in Malaysia? Instead of focusing on categories such as travel, fashion and electronics, try exploring off-beat ones like medicines and everyday jewelry. These types of categories are expected to increase in demand. 

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is rapidly dominating the affiliate marketing industry. AI tools can help in assisting marketers in tracking their business performance. For instance, you can use chatbots to communicate seamlessly with publishers. 

Voice Search

Home assistants like Siri and Google Home have added new dimensions in online searches. To keep up with the times, marketers need to pay more attention to voice search optimization. At this day and age, if you are not optimizing for voice search, you might lose out on lots of promising opportunities. 

Relevant Content

Content will always be king. It will always be a crucial part of every affiliate marketing strategy. Today, as well as in the next few years, content creativity is expected to take center stage. Affiliate marketers must think of new ways to make content. Make compelling audio-visual content on a regular basis.

Discounting Through Affiliates

Top affiliate marketing channels are now generating sales to online shops through brilliant promotions. In turn, they charge commission for the traffic generated towards the platform. They give a portion of these commissions to their customers through cashbacks. Cashback is a process that appeals well to consumers who are continuously looking for good deals.

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