5 Penis-friendly Foods to Boost Your Sperm Count and Testosterone Levels

People seem to think that the only way for them to fix their decreasing libido is to think about drinking impotence pills and libido boosters. Although they can certainly help, they are not the only things people can do to improve their sex lives.

There are natural ways to remedy your impotence. Some foods, for example, are known to help improve a man’s T levels, as well as improve the quality of their sperm.

Today, I am going to talk about some penis-friendly foods that will do those things and more.


Considered by many as an adult’s best friend, coffee is the preferred go-to drink for early risers simply because it can help provide them with energy to start their day the right way.

That being said, coffee contains a compound known as caffeine and it is definitely a known stimulate that boosts one’s energy levels. But, did you know that it can improve your penile performance as well?

That’s right, caffeine actually helps strengthen the arteries and muscles that surround your dong, so it is generally a good idea to be consuming coffee every day.

Do not exceed 3 cups of coffee as too much of hot java can cause palpitations and other nasty side effects.

For people who cannot stomach the flavor of coffee, you can think about consuming Macha or green tea if you want.


Have you watched Popeye before? For the millennials, they might not know who this popular cartoon character is, but to give you a small description, he is a sailor that eats spinach to give him a good boost in strength and energy. Well, the cartoon actually has a point.

Spinach is good for your health because aside from its rich vitamin and mineral profile, it is also a great source of folate as well.
Folate or folic acids play a huge role in male sexual function as a deficiency in folate is known to lead to erectile dysfunction.

Adding spinach to your diet is imperative if you want to maintain good penile health.


There is a reason why Aztecs called the avocado tree as the testicle tree and that has something to do with its positive effects on your wiener.

Avocados are excellent sources of healthy fats and vitamins, but you want to focus on its zinc content.

As you may have already known, zinc is also found in oysters and that, too, is known as an aphrodisiac. This mineral actually boosts free testosterones in your body so it is naturally a good thing to consume regularly.


Have you ever stopped to think why carrots have that distinct orange color? Well, that is thanks to its beta-carotene content and that is also something that you want to improve your penis health.

This compound, research shows, can help with sperm motility and quality. So, if you want to have a junior, consuming carrots makes sense.


Also known as Avena Sativa, oatmeal contains loads of health benefits, one of which is improved erectile performance.
L-arginine can be found in oatmeal and having healthy levels of the said amino acid in your body could result in improving penis health and performance across the board.

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