7 Best Watches for Women in 2020

I’ve talked extensively about men’s watches that I want to dedicate this article to providing the best watches for women. Today, I am going to give away some of my recommendations for the best watches for the ladies in 2020.

Fossil Riley Glitz

Women love things that shine and the Fossil Riley Glitz is definitely one of the best and inexpensive watches on the market.
It’s got gems that are placed on the bezels of the watch case and the watch itself comes in a variety of different straps (with the default being a metal watchband).
For features, it’s got an accurate chronograph that also provides a 24-hour functionality. Has quick-release pins that allow you to change the watchband if you prefer leather or a NATO strap.
The only (possible) downside to this is that it is a quartz watch which means that it doesn’t have that smooth-sweeping motion that is reminiscent of automatic watches.
Still, for under a hundred dollars, this is an accessory that need not be expensive to shine.

Casio LRW200H

Although you might thing that the company only makes watches for men, they actually create some wonderful watches for women as well.
The LRW200H is a chic watch that definitely warrants being worn on a woman’s wrist. It’s got an analog display that has an attractive resin band. The watch itself is water-resistant up to 100 meters and definitely goes really well with whatever you wear.

Gucci G-Timeless

Gucci is a designer brand that focuses mainly on the female demographic. The Gucci G-Timeless Mother of Pearl edition is definitely something that warrants your attention. It is simple yet elegant watch that is no doubt going to be a conversation piece.
It makes use of sapphire glass which means that it is scratch-resistant. It’s got a nice slim design so it doesn’t get in the way and it uses symbols to tell the time which makes it cute.

Michael Kors Women’s Parker

Women will definitely recognize Michael Kors because it is a top designer brand that made a mark in the fashion industry.
The Michael Kors Women’s Parker is a watch with a two-tone design that makes the said timepiece so much more elegant. Its default configuration is rose-gold.
It looks feminine (or should I say, it screams feminine), is lightweight and has an elegant analog display that can help you tell the time no matter the lighting conditions.

Tommy Hilfiger Casual Sports Watch

For the sporty woman, the Tommy Hilfiger Casual Sports Watch will definitely not disappoint. It’s got an understated look that doesn’t distract you from what you are doing. It is layered with chronograph functionality that allows you to track your time while doing some running or jogging activities and such. And, the best part of all is that it is quite affordable!

Timex T2H381

This watch has a polished look that women would definitely love. But, apart from its aesthetics, it actually comes with a battery that the company touts to last up to 9 years.

Nine West Rose Goldtone

One of the most comfortable watches on the list, this Nine West timepiece will not disappoint. Whether you want to wear it on your casual everyday affairs or if you want to use it while you are fully-dressed for formal events, this timepiece will not disappoint.

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