Affiliate Marketing and Pinterest: Tips and Strategies for Success

Today on the show, I’m chatting with Michelle from Making Sense of Cents. Michelle and her better half sold their house in July of 2015 and now travel full-time in their RV.

Some of their more recent adventures include a 2-week cruising outing to explore the chance of cruising full-time in the future. Michelle is a blogger who shares income reports on her blog.

On the off chance that you take a glance at her latest Income report, you will see that she earned over $100,000 on her blog in the long stretch of August alone, while working less than 10 hours per week. That is the means by which she can stand to travel full-time.

Michelle and I are speaking today about affiliate program reviews marketing and Pinterest. You’ll rapidly discover that she’s a genius on the subject and has a ton of astuteness to share.

Changing to Full-Time Blogging

Michelle began her career as a money related expert and started her blog as a pastime in August of 2011. At that point, she really didn’t have the foggiest idea about that sites could make money.

She wanted a place to discuss taking care of her student credits and a stage to be active in the personal finance space.

She had the option to leave her activity two years after she started the blog and has been blogging full-time ever since. It was hard to make a decision. However, she developed emergency support and diversified her blogging income, so she had a large pad before she made that stride.

Discovering the Value of Affiliate Marketing

About a year into her blogging journey, Michelle realized that other bloggers were bringing in money through affiliate marketing.

However, she really didn’t think it was possible for her. She thought you needed a huge following with the end goal for it to work.

She decided to attempt it and set a little objective to earn $100 in a single month from affiliates. Once she met that objective, she simply kept developing that sum every month. During the process, she discovered that it required just negligible work to increase her earnings.

Michelle readily concedes that she isn’t a blog that receives a great many page views per month. Actually, she isn’t even at one million views per month. This serves as confirmation that it’s not the numbers that bring the income.

Setting up Systems

Because Michelle is more focused on passive income, her affiliate strategies reflect that center. She hasn’t changed her strategy from the earliest starting point because it essentially works so well. I asked her to share that strategy with us all.

She begins by creating a piece of free content — it could be as simple as an email or as complex as a full course. Her content is extremely detailed. She attempts to cover every possible thing a reader could need to think about the theme.

For example, some portion of Michelle’s affiliate income comes from blogging apparatuses and resources. Every month in her income reports, she shares the entirety of the details on the most proficient method to get started blogging.

When Michelle’s reader finishes with her post, they know exactly how to get started and what items are necessary to purchase. They should simply tap on the affiliate joins she has included in the posts. She follows this model for every piece of affiliate content that she produces.

Two Tips to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

On the off chance that your blog is still really small and your page views aren’t anywhere near what you figure they ought to be before beginning with affiliates, what would you be able to do to get started?

As indicated by Michelle, you ought not even to consider affiliate marketing until you really realize what your readers need. Affiliate marketing doesn’t equate to simply slapping some connections in every post you write, and trusting readers will navigate and make a purchase. That is really a great method to drive your readers away.

You need to initially offer your readers huge amounts of value through well-written content, helpful emails, free courses, or data that will be beneficial to them. Furthermore, simply after you’ve assembled this relationship with them, would you be able to ask them what they really need and need from you.

Second, you need to nurture your email list. Michelle didn’t even begin an email list until she had been blogging for 2-3 years and just began concentrating heavily on it a year ago. Those email subscribers are your faithful followers, your tribe.

They are the ones who need what you have to offer and will become your customers when you are ready to sell something, whether that is through creating an item or through affiliates.

Step by step instructions to Engage Your Email Audience

I hear from such a significant number of bloggers who state that their email subscribers don’t respond to their emails, and they never click inside those emails. I asked Michelle how she has fabricated relationships with her email subscribers.
Her #1 tip is to make your emails as personable as possible. Try not to fill your email with huge amounts of images as they can be glitchy.

Try not to connect to every single thing you talk about in the email unless you need to come across as malicious.
You need your email to seem like it is originating from a friend when your reader opens it. Furthermore, much the same as you wouldn’t rave to a personal friend about an item you’ve never really used, don’t do that to your email list either. Make sure what you connect to is a solid match for your audience.

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