How To Poker Face

Having a good poker face means not showing any reactions regarding the game, keeping the body relaxed and engaging with other players in a calm manner. It can get difficult when tensions are high but it is required to do so. However, you’ll be able to calm your face by learning and applying these strategies and avoid unknowingly sharing vital details through your body language. After mastering a poker face, you’ll win those games in no time. A poker face is not important though if you are playing in a live casino in Malaysia, as you are facing your device not other players.

Calm Your Face

Let’s first calm your whole face. Your face is the first giveaway which might cost you a poker game. It’s a vital part of poker to hold your feelings and reactions in check over hands dealt to you. Any mode of speech in situations with your opponents sacrifices your strength. Clear your mind, stop wiggling your nose, take a deep breath and relax.

Look At Everyone

Keep your eyes in contact with others. You will gain the upper hand by demonstrating the people you trust and threaten by locking their eyes. Meeting the eyes of people reveals also that you have nothing to hide from you so that they do not know what to expect from you. Take a peek at the nose bridge to look down and gaze at you.

Stop Staring

Blink frequently. To focus or concentrate too much on your cards is also to lose your poker face. It either shows you ‘re not vigilant, or that your hand and chances are concerned. Try to blink, so that when you focus your eyes don’t burn.

Minimize Movement

Keep your lips relaxed with your jaw. Your mouth is your face ‘s key support and any pain, glare, brown or red influences the rest of your face. Relax the first time you let your jaw slacken, allowing space between the teeth of your back. To help you relax, open and close your mouth a few times.

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